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Cash in Transit in Maitland

Moving large amounts of cash is a very dangerous task and attracts many unwanted incidents of crime and robbery. Criminals are always looking to get their hands on some money and often target organizations when they have their cash in transit. However, for banks and other cash based businesses, transferring bank notes and large amounts of currency from one place to another is a necessity.

Maitland Cash Transfer Service provides the best and most complete security and logistics services for all cash and valuable transfers in the entire Maitland area.

We have extensive experience in managing cash in transit security for several high profile organizations and banking institutions in the Maitland area. We have analyzed standard operating procedures of security companies of dozens of countries and have created our security model to incorporate the best of these security practices. Comprehensive research at the hands of security experts has led to the creation of the best CIT security services.

All our employees are locals and undergo extensive background checks and psychological and endurance exams.

Why Maitland Cash Transit Service
We employ military grade evasive maneuvers to ensure that we are never ambushed during cash in transit operation. We make use of cutting edge technologies like cellular signal jammers and signal hoppers to prevent any kind of electronic surveillance and disable any improvised explosive devices. Moreover, we also monitor all active transfer proceedings from our state of the art central command center.

The security guards are trained to handle any kind of threat and are equipped with advanced weapons and bullet proof armors.

Our benefits over others
We provide exhaustive security services and are the premier cash in transit security company in the Maitland area. We work tirelessly to maintain the high standards of our services and go to great lengths to ensure the safety of your cash.

We are the best CIT security provider in the whole area and have a 100% safety record to prove it. If you are looking for the best CIT security company in Maitland area, we will provide you a world class security team for all your cash transfer requirements.
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