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Cash in Transit Services

Trust Secure Cash with Cash in Transit

Secure Cash offers professional security during the collection of your cash and transit to your bank. Servicing organisations and businesses from any industry in Australia, we have been named as one of the most trusted and reliable cash in transit companies in the country. Moving large amounts of cash is considered very risky for every business and we are here to offer security solutions tailored to your business needs. Customers can avail of three types of cash security that Secure Cash offers: cash collection, cash delivery, and cash counting.

Secure Cash employs highly skilled and well-trained cash escorts as well as the latest technology in cash in transit security to protect your money at the most vulnerable point – during transit. We have secure and well-equipped depots in Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth for when you wish for us to count your cash before depositing to your nominated bank account or when you need to order cash deliveries in specified denominations.

All our services are covered by a nationwide insurance policy. This means we take full liability for losses and take every step to ensure that your money safely reaches your bank. Secure Cash is a government licensed and security accredited institution. We have been in the cash in transit business since 1992, with up to 150 years' combined experience among our management staff. We do not impost binding contracts on our customers. You are free to call on us whenever you have a need for our services.
Straightforward and Efficient Service

Aside from reducing external risks when transporting cash, one reason why businesses hire cash in transit services is to reduce internal risks as well. Having your employees do your banking may not be as safe as compared to when you have professionals like us move your money for you. We help boost your business productivity and your profits as you are free to channel your manpower instead on more important aspects of running your business.

Calling on Secure Cash to do cash collections and money pickups is very simple. All you need to do is submit order forms or contact us through our company website. You can also cancel bookings, view copies of our cash in transit insurance policy, and even verify the IDs of our cash couriers online. We believe that time is of the essence so we do not take much of yours. Secure Cash has been delivering exemplary cash security services since 1992 and we take pride in our customer satisfaction rate.
Solid Security Standards

We take security very seriously, which is why we have unwavering policies and procedures in place that we put into action from decades of experience. These are strictly enforced with zero tolerance. We take a discrete approach in doing business. We employ guards in plain clothes that move your money in unmarked yet security-equipped vehicles to avoid unnecessary public attention. We use smart technology in providing valuable data and cash and transit reporting so you could spend less time worrying about your cash and be able to put more focus on running your business.
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