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Australia Wide!
Secure Cash is a one stop cash in transit agency that will manage your banking & change order services no matter where you are located in Australia.
eDocket System!
Using our industry leading software technology unique to only SecureCash, we are able to track & trace your deposit with a click of a button.
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Total Flexibility!
You can have your banking collected on any day or days you choose, & you are free to cancel or change the days your banking is collected when ever you want.
All Major Banks!
We work with most major banks in Australia including the NAB, Commonwealth Bank, ANZ, Westpac & some local banks such as BankSA & Bendigo Bank.
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No Lock-in Contracts!
We do not lock you into lengthy contracts, so you are free to try our service & if you find that it is not suitable for your organisation then you are free to cancel at anytime with notice.
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Do you need cash in transit services? Secure Cash specialises in picking up your money and banking it. Wherever you are, anywhere in Australia, any time of the day or night, seven days a week, we can collect your takings and deposit them at your bank. Whether you need cash collection, cash counting, or cash delivery, Secure Cash has got you covered.

What cash in transit service does your business need? As one of the largest and most respected cash logistics companies in Australia, Secure Cash can serve your specific needs, we provide:

Cash Collection Services: Our plain clothes staff will visit your premises at an agreed time, pick up and secure your takings, drive them to your bank in one of our unmarked vehicles and deposit them in your account. At a later time, we will deliver the bank deposit records back to your office. We call this our "Banking Courier Service" and we can collect your cash takings (including cheques) any hour or any day or night. That includes weekends and public holidays because our number one priority is ensuring the cash security of our clients.

Cash Delivery Services: When you want cash delivered to your organisation, just order our cash delivery service. We call it a "Change Order Service" because often our clients are ordering small change to meets their trading needs. So we pick up the needed amount of change, in whatever denominations you specify, and deliver it to the agreed address at the agreed time.

Cash Counting Services: If you don't want your staff to have to deal with counting the takings, our cash counting service can assist. We collect your cash and count it before depositing it into your bank account.
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For one reason: We have been established for over
25 years, since 1991 to be exact!

Plain clothes: Our couriers do not wear security uniforms. This is so they blend in with the crowd. It is to avoid drawing any attention to your business (or your staff or your customers) during the cash handling process. Unmarked vehicles: The same concern underpins our decision to use regular-looking vehicles. To draw no attention to your business activities.

No contracts: Our focus is on delivering a reliable cash courier service that is affordably priced. We do not feel we need to lock our clients into contracts. So you can contact us on an "as required" basis, you can cancel anytime with notice, or you can establish a regular schedule if you find our service works well for you. We think it will, by the way.

Australia Wide: Coast to coast, anywhere in Australia, we've got your cash security needs covered. With branches in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney and a network of licensed contractors covering the rest of the country, you can rely on Secure Cash to get the job done.

Anytime: We don't keep "office hours" because many of our clients don't either. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, we'll be there for you. After hours and public holidays included. Online bookings: You can use our website to manage your cash courier needs, 24x7. Make a booking, adjust your booking, cancel your booking. Do it all via your secure login at our website. Or you can phone us.

Verify our couriers: There is one feature of our website we want to be sure you know about. Anytime you want to, you can login to verify the ID of our banking courier who is handling your cash. It's all about giving you, our valued clients, peace of mind.

Your peace of mind: We want you to know you can trust us as we are an Australian owned and operated business. Affordable: We don't pay for expensive media advertising campaigns. And that helps us keep our pricing realistic. Phone us today to discuss your needs and learn how affordable our services are.

We are specialists: As a national courier company, we do one thing, and we do it well. We do "cash in transit" - with all its permutations. Whatever your particular need, give us a call.

Special events: If your group is running a fundraiser or a fete or some other function that involves cash, you will be pleased to know you can order our service on a one-time basis. Tell us how much cash you need to be delivered before the big event, and tell us the closing time, and we'll be there to take care of you.

We look forward to hearing from you to discuss the particular details of your cash in transit needs. Our number is 1300 364 569.
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No, they wear plain clothes and drive un-marked vehicles. This allows us to blend in with "the crowd". Operating in this manner ensures that we do not draw attention to you & our cash in transit activities. This is subject to relevant state legislation.
Secure Cash is independently owned from, and is not affiliated with any banking institution. You do not have to have any particular account with any organisation to utilise our cash in transit services.
Yes, we are able to provide change orders for your tills and floats in conjunction with a cash collection service. Order online via our website or if you don't have access to a computer them simply give us a call on 1300 364 569.
You can choose the frequency and day/s of you cash collection, they can be from once a week to everyday, or even an ad hoc basis.
No, you can bank as little or as much as you like up to $100,000 AUD in $50,000 AUD (Cash) increments. If you have more than this to bank on the day, no worries we will just do two back to back trips to the bank!
Yes we can, we can empty any machine on a regular basis, count the coins and notes and advise you of the amounts accordingly (Adelaide Only).
Upon arrival at the bank, our banking couriers will either obtain a bank stamp and signature from the receiving teller. This stamp and signature is our confirmation of the bank accepting & depositing your money. Such confirmations may be viewed upon request. This is subject to the banking institution being used, or alternatively they will use the SecureCash eDocket System that will send a GPS location & date time stamp to the customers email address once the banking is deposited
Yes, you can have a cash collection at any time, even if it is weeknights or weekends especially for fetes and fundraising activities, after hour business functions or for book and school fee collections prior to the start of school term.
We can collect these from the bank and return them to you usually upon your next schedule collection, however certain conditions do apply - contact us for more details.
No, we will not lock you into a lengthy contract (just 30 days notice), we only ask is that you contact us if you are experiencing any problems as to allow us to fix it for you!
Yes, we would be more than happy to supply references from other customers that use our service - just send us an email or give us a quick call!
You can have as much cash delivered as you like.
Any denomination that you require, from $100 notes to 50c pieces, just let us know and we will arrange delivery for you.
No problem, if upon delivery you find that the cash is short, then we will go back to the bank and follow it up for you!
We can drop of your cash order at anytime, normally during business hours for shops that trade and need a top up for their tills and floats. However we can also deliver cash at anytime of the day or night for a special event or fundraiser etc.
2 business days notice so that the bank can arrange to order the cash in themselves.
You can have either, we can just deliver cash to your organisation as a stand alone service or in conjunction with a cash pickup.
No problem at all, simply give us a call on 1300 364 569 and our operators will place the order on your behalf.
Yes we can, let us know how many and how much in each and we will make up the floats in any denominations you request.
Anywhere in Australia!
Absolutely, we work in conjunction with your FOREX provider, no problem at all.
All Australian currencies, from $50 notes to 10c coins, we count the lot! - Please note this service only available in Adelaide.
Yep, give us a call and let us know your situation as we are sure we can help! - Please note this service only available in Adelaide.
Unlimited! - Please note this service only available in Adelaide.
Depending on the volume of coin, the turn around time is usually 3 to 4 days. - Please note this service only available in Adelaide.
We specialise in this type of counting, just contact us when you have a tin or charity box that is full or getting full and we will go pick it up, count it and send you a repot of how much was collected. - Please note this service only available in Adelaide.
Our machines automatically separate any foreign coin and it will be donated to charity on your behalf. - Please note this service only available in Adelaide.
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* Original customer testimonial available upon request.
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