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Cash Couriers

Cash in transit and courier services are at the heart of any organisation. Obviously, reliable cash couriers are extremely helpful in moving large amounts of cash to and from designated drop-off and pickup points. Secure Cash is here to reduce the risks involved in cash transportation to protect your business. With the use of advanced technology and secure vehicles, we will transport your cash and valuables to and from banks and any designated location. We are one of the biggest and most trusted cash in transit services in Australia with depots all across the states.

Secure Cash can take care of everything from cash collection to counting to delivery. Our services will not only help you conserve time, but give you peace of mind as well with regard to the status of your banking transactions. We are a reliable service that may be called upon 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are open during holidays, including Christmas. You can expect your cash deliveries to be picked up and delivered in a timely manner and your cash inventory to be properly counted and verified.

For cash deliveries, we deliver cash broken down into denominations as you require. Every cash order is sealed into a serial numbered tamper-evident satchel, which will be delivered to you as scheduled. Your order will reach the designated location at a minimum of two business days.

Providing Funds to Cash Couriers
Secure Cash allows clients to choose the most convenient option for providing us funds for any cash delivery order. We will work with your specified arrangement with the same level of efficiency. We accept cheques made out to cash as well as funds nominated to our holding account. You may also choose to provide our cash couriers with the amount sealed in a tamper-evident satchel along with the cash delivery order form. You can also directly contact your bank to arrange for our cash couriers to collect the order on your behalf.

The methods are explained in detail on our company website. If you cannot provide funds with any of the available methods, we offer "cash on arrival" service, wherein you directly deliver the cash or cheque to our courier upon arrival, along with an order form.

Your Peace of Mind Guaranteed
With Secure Cash, you can be sure that your money is in safe hands. We have been in the business since 1992 and established ourselves as one of the most trusted cash in transit services in Australia. We are government-licensed and security accredited. We employ trustworthy and highly efficient cash couriers and staff. They have been trained to conduct your banking and cash delivery transactions in a most discrete manner. Secure Cash services small to large businesses and organisations including churches, charities, schools, retail outlets, and even local governments. Our services also include cash counting and cash collections.
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