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Tips On Cash Security

You need to have cash security, unless business today have in place reliable cash security, they could leave themselves open to armed robbery.

A business can take some simple preventative measures to increase their cash security and to reduce their risk of becoming a victim of robbery. In today's economic climate, cash security is more important than ever. No one knows who may be watching you and your business routines regarding cash security.

Cash security needs to be implemented and followed by all staff and management to the letter.

Cash security can include such things as the balancing of tills at the end of the day. How many times have you witnessed a business with a vulnerable staff member counting the days takings in front of customers. From a cash security point of view, you may as well go outside the store in the main street and count the takings on the foot path.

It is a well know fact that potential robbers will canvas a business that they intend to rob purely to test the on site cash security procedures.

Along with the obvious precautions involved with cash security, other hidden or behind the scenes cash security measures should be taken, for example a strong and reliable cash safe.

A safe should encompass the following basic cash security features;

Rated for the amount of cash to be kept in the safe and have provisions for the safe to be bolted or securely fixed to the building or structure it is being kept in.

It should also not be in the view of your customers or general public, but should be in view of a CCTV system or monitored by a security alarm system, eg. PIR sensor, reed switch or a seismic sensor.

The safe combination must be able to be changed by yourself as required,

Keys for safes should never be key on site and should be taken home with you each night, regardless of how inconvenient this may become. Remember cash security comes first! When opening and closing your business, try and take greater precautions in regards to who may be in the vicinity i.e. people loitering or sitting in a near by vehicle.

This is when businesses are more vulnerable and again it could be a potential robber trying to map your cash security procedures and plot the best opportunity to strike.

If possible, try to stick to your regular business hours and daily cash security routines. As regular customers know when your business opens and closes and will often visit at a regular time each day deterring opportunist robbers. If you were to open early, you may not have your regular customers as a deterrent and give a clear opportunity for a robber.

Encourage non-cash transactions. If customers use credit, there is less cash around and reduces your cash security needs. Some stores may keep the door locked at all times and have an electronic buzzer to open the door for customers, although this is a great move in regards to cash security, it may however impact on how your customers feel about shopping at your business. If you let the wrong customer in, you may not be able to let others in to help!

Great all customers, this reduces their anonymity and lets potential robbers know you are paying attention and are aware to your business cash security. Watch for suspicious customers.

Robbers often 'shop' and check out any cash security systems you may have in place and wait until all other customers are gone.

Another aspect regarding cash security is the daily banking. To often you will see a store representative walking down a busy street or shopping mall. Dressed in their company uniform and carrying an calico bag.... one guess where they are heading to?

This aspect of cash security is where we can help! Please visit our cash collection page for more information how we can take care of this cash security concern for your organisation. Or simply provide your details and we will have a quote back to you within 45 minutes.

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