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Cash Logistics Management

Reduce Risk and Boost Efficiency
Cash is an integral part of any business but managing it requires some effort and can be time-consuming. You need a structured cash processing system that involves validation, verification, and protection from the risk of external and internal theft. In some cases, facilities, expertise, specially designed software, and hardware for counting, transporting, and sorting may also be required.

If you take into consideration all the things that you need to do and the expenses you need to make in order to effectively process cash, it would seem a better idea to hire professional cash security services in Australia to do it for you. And this is precisely the kind of help Secure Cash has to offer.

Outsourcing your cash logistics management to us at Secure Cash would prove to be a beneficial move to your organisation. A leader in the cash in transit industry, we are confident that you can hardly find a bigger, more trusted provider in Australia. We employ a staff especially trained to handle large volumes of cash – and our expertise goes hand in hand with technologically advanced facilities and vehicles.

We ensure fast processing speed and complete accuracy with a level of security to be expected from a company that has been in the business for two decades.

Our cash processing services are designed to turn resource-draining cash activities into a powerful operational advantage to increase your productivity, lower risk, and promote growth in your organisation. Our cash in transit services cover three main areas:

Cash Collection – We do straightforward cash collection services: we arrive in your premises, discreetly meet a designated member of your staff, proceed to collect any banking that you need to deposit, and secure it for transit to the bank. We leave your premises without drawing attention from the general public.

Cash Delivery – Secure Cash can provide an amount of cash broken down into your specified denomination. The breakdown is obtained by the bank and funded by you. We allow customers to choose the most suitable method by which to fund the cash deliveries.

Cash Counting – Our cash counting service is mostly advantageous for coin collections such as from vending machines, parking metes, charity collections, and similar sources. We will take the cash/coins to our depots where we use advanced equipment to count and sort your money.

Your money is insured in transit as we are covered under a nationwide cash security insurance policy. We ensure the safe delivery of your deposits round the clock. We deliver comprehensive online reports to help you easily track deposits, cash inventories, transportation, orders, and courier ID verification. Booking and cancelling our services can be done online simply and easily.

We do not ask you to sign any binding contract so you are free to use our services as you need them and how you need them. Secure Cash deals with your cash processing woes while boosting operational efficiency, lowering cash-handling risks, and benefit from cost savings. We offer competitive rates in the cash in transit industry and we can work around your organisation's budget.
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