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Cash in transit is the physical transfer of banknotes, coins, cheques, credit cards, and items of value from one location to another. SecureCash offers professional security during the pickup, transport, and deposit of your business' daily takings.
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SecureCash offers professional security during the collection and transport of your money to the bank. Since moving large amounts of cash can be very risky, we are here to offer security solutions that are tailored according to your business needs. After helping many organisations and businesses from various industries in Australia, we have been named as the most reliable cash in transit company in the country.

SecureCash provides three types of cash security services:
Cash Collection, Cash Delivery, and Cash Counting.

SecureCash employs highly-trained cash escorts and uses the latest technology in cash-in-transit security to protect your money while in transit. If you want us to count your money before taking it to the bank, consider it done. We have secure and well-equipped depots in Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth that caters cash counting and delivery requests. If you need to order cash in specific denominations, we got you covered.

SecureCash is a government-licensed and security-accredited institution with up to 150 years of combined experience among our management staff. All our services are covered by a nationwide insurance policy that takes full liability for losses from the moment it left your premises until it reaches your bank. Since 1992, we aim to provide affordable cash in transit solution by not imposing lengthy contracts to our customers.

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Straightforward and Efficient Service

Cash in transit services reduces both internal and external risks for your business. Though some australia cash in transit companies prefer having one of their employees do the banking for them, we greatly disagree with this method as it may put your business in jeopardy.

SecureCash has professional bank couriers who are highly-trained to move your money anywhere in Australia. By outsourcing your banking transport to us, we help boost your company profits and productivity as you are free to put more focus on your business.

Opting for our cash collection or money pickup service is fast and simple. All you need to do is call 1300 SECURE or get a quote through our website. You can also cancel bookings, view copies of our cash-in-transit insurance policy, and even verify the IDs of our cash couriers online.

For years, SecureCash has been delivering exemplary cash security services as we take pride in our customer satisfaction rate.

Solid Security Standards

We take security very seriously. This is why we implement relevant methods and procedures garnered from our decades of experience in cash security. Our covert and discreet approach makes our services unique. We deploy banking couriers in plain clothes who will carry your money in an unmarked yet security-equipped vehicle to avoid unnecessary public attention.

We use the smartest technology available in providing valuable data and cash-in-transit reporting so you can easily track the transaction from your end. With SecureCash, transporting funds should now be the least of your worries. You can now spend more time running your business and keeping your customers happy.


You can reach us at 1300 732 873. Our friendly staff would be more than happy to discuss how we can help you with your cash-in-transit need. Call now!

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SecureCash is available 24 hours a day, serving cash in transit services - anywhere in Australia. We provide other services such as Cash Collection services, Cash Pickup services, Cash Logistic services, Cash Security services, Cash Delivery services, Cash Transport and Cash Courier services, and a network of licensed contractors covering the rest of the country. Contact us today for more information about how we can help your business in Australia.

SecureCash guarantees the safest handling of your business takings. In case we miss your bank's cut-off time, your money will be kept in a protected and undisclosed location until it's delivered to your bank the next business day.

Your daily takings’ safety is our top priority. It is important to us that our services are delivered in a professional and timely manner, no matter what your business is—no matter where you are located.

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