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Why We Don't Use Armoured Trucks

Secure Cash do not operate by using armoured cars as they draw unwanted attention to your business, and advertise the fact that you have cash on site large enough to warrant the use of an armoured car service company.

We have always operated as an unmarked, soft skin cash in transit service provider and have never utilised armoured cars as part of our CIT fleet. Please take the time to read some of the reason why!

Armoured cars may contain 'bullet proof' all around or just in the windscreen of the vehicle. The first instance of an armoured car can be dated back to a sketch by Leonardo De Vinci’s of a war type vehicle in 1485.

Some security companies provide what is referred to as an armoured car service. This is basically the same as a cash collection service but instead of the operator using a normal everyday commercial vehicle, they use a vehicle containing armoured plate in sections of the vehicle including the sides, rear and engine bay.

The idea behind the use of an armoured car service, is the fact that the operator can carry more cash in the vehicle before having to visit the bank before going over their nominated carry limit.

Unfortunately, the fact of having an armoured car pulling up out the front of your business advertises the fact that you are likely to have at the premises large amounts of cash waiting to be collected! An armoured car is widely recognised by even the most intellectually challenged bad person as being a vehicle used primarily by security guards and cash in transit companies to pick up and transport cash.

Granted most armoured car service companies also have armed security guards operating the vehicle. But we believe that again, even the most would be thief would not just go up to an armoured car full of armed security guards without being fully prepared to challenge the armoured car crew by means of a firearm, syringe or something just as lethal.

The fact also remains that maybe the would be thief might not plan on robbing the armoured car but instead robbing the place of business that it is collecting the cash from. Because an armoured car is so easily recognised, a would be thief could very easily establish a collection pattern and predict collection days and times and plan a robbery on the business prior to the armoured cars arrival.

This would also prove to be the business most vulnerable time with any cash probably be out of the safe and ready to be picked up. This whole scenario could easily be avoided by the use of a Non Armoured Car service.

As previously stated we do not provide an armoured car service and operate by means of unmarked vehicles. Because of this, our collection patterns are much harder to study (if we are being watched by bad guys that is!) and in-turn, bring less danger to your staff and your customers.

Get a quote today and find out how affordable our non armoured car service really is and start protecting your staff and hard earned takings!

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