Cash Collection
Our cash collection service is straight forward and simple to use; but first of all, when we refer to the term 'cash collection' we simply mean the picking up of your money (cash & cheques) and taking it to the bank on your behalf!
You can have your cash collected on a regular basis e.g. every day, three times a week or just one day a week. It's totally up to you and your collection requirements.

You may hear a cash collection service being called other terms such as '
Cash Escorts' or an 'Armoured Car Service', but essentially it is the exact same thing.

In a nutshell, our plain clothed cash collection couriers, will come to your premises and discreetly meet with a designated member of your staff and out of view of the general public.

Once out of view, we will proceed to collect any banking that you have to be deposited and secure it for transit to the bank. After it is secured our cash collection courier will then exit without drawing any unwanted attention to you and your customers.

All money that is collected for banking is sealed in your banks own branded tamper evident satchel, often labelled as an 'Express Deposit Satchel'. By using this method of securing your cash whilst it is in transit, we ensure that the cash you placed in the satchel remains un-touched until it reaches the bank.

cash collection couriers are able to collect as many of these satchels that you have to bank and the collection and banking of coin is our speciality. Once your banking has been collected, our cash collection couriers will then sign for each individual satchel that they have in their possession using our unique 'Cash in Transit Docket Book System’.

This register remains at your premises at all times as your proof that the banking has been collected. Upon arrival at the bank, the cash collection courier will obtain a proof of delivery stamp (where possible) from the teller for each satchel collected and delivered to your nominated bank. The identification of all our cash collection couriers can be verified at any time via our online services website.

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You can have your cash collected on a regular basis e.g. every day, three times a week or just one day a week. Its totally up to you and your cash collection requirements.

If you are unsure what days you need your cash collected and are unable to predict a regular collection schedule, then simply book a cash collection as required by booking online via our website, it's that simple!

You can also specify to have your cash collected at a specific time. Whilst every endeavour is made to accommodate a specific time request, sometimes this is not always possible due to the current obligations we have with our existing cash collection clients. However, we will always try to find a positive solution for you and we are confident that we will be able to negotiate a mutually acceptable time if you choose to utilize our cash collection service.

If you are interested in our cash collection service and would like more information, then simply request a quote above and one of our friendly staff will get back to you with a cash collection quotation tailored to meet your organisations needs usually within the hour!

We thank you for taking the time to read this information on our cash collection service, and hope that we may be of value to your organisation in the near future.
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