Cash Counting
Our cash counting is one of the most valued and time saving services that we have to offer. Essentially our cash counting is the same as our cash collection service, but the only difference is that the cash that is collected will be taken back to our depot where it will be sorted and counted.
Our counting room has the latest in cash sorting and cash processing machines.

Once your cash has been counted and verified, it will then be either electronically transferred or deposited into your bank.

Our cash counting is a very practical and convenient solution where vending and poker machines, parking meters, charity boxes or collections are concerned.

The Secure Cash team responsible for managing our cash counting rooms have extensive backgrounds in the cash counting and processing fields working for some of Australia's leading banking institutions.

cash counting service will take away the logistics problems associated when dealing with cash and we are able to forward you reports on the cash that was counted including breakdowns on each denomination along with grand totals.

These cash counting reports are provided complementary as part of our cash counting service. Along with our cash counting, we are also able to open, count and process envelopes, charity donations, tokens and we can even process and deposit cheques and money orders.

Customers use this service for special events or functions, rather than than tying up staff for long hours after the event has finished counting cash. It is a easier an cost effective solution to get us to collect the takings and count it for you.

Not to mention the security issues with having employees + cash on site over night!

If you would like to discover more about our cash counting service then simply send us an email or submit for a quotation online. Once received we will be able to formulate a cash counting service tailored uniquely to your needs.
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