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Cash Collections in Newcastle

When you are choosing a cash collection company to serve your Newcastle business, you want it to be reliable and easy to use, right?

Ours is. It's also affordable.

Let me explain…

When we say 'cash collection', what we mean is this: we pick up your money (banknotes and coins, and even cheques) and we deposit your funds in your bank for you.

This saves you or your staff from having to step away from your business to get the banking done.

It also means the task will be done efficiently. Why? Because cash logistics is the ONLY thing we do. And after being in this game since 1992, we don't mind telling you… we're pretty good at it.

And we don't only serve businesses. We're helping community groups, schools, government departments, service clubs, sporting organizations, you name it. Any enterprise that handles money. We serve the lot. We know what we're doing, we've been doing it for a long time, and we're ready to serve you too.


Our cash collection driver will arrive in plain clothes at the time you've arranged. He will discreetly identify himself (and you can confirm his identity by logging in to your customer account at our website).

In your back office, out of public view, our representative will accept your funds in a tamper-evident security satchel that your bank has issued to you. We do this to ensure your satchel remains unopened until it reaches the bank.

Our cash collection couriers will sign for every satchel they pick up from you, using our unique 'Cash in Transit Docket Book System’. This register remains on your premises at all times as your documentary proof that the satchel has been handed over to our company.

Under your supervision, our courier will enter the ID for each locked satchel into your docket book.

Then he will leave quietly and without drawing attention to your staff or to himself.

Our cash escort will then drive your satchel (or satchels) to the bank and deposit them, obtaining the normal proof of deposit that your bank issues.


Every time a big armoured truck pulls up outside a shop or business, we all know what's going on, don't we? They moving money. Lots of it. That's why they are manned by uniformed guards with firearms. It's why the trucks use bullet-proof glass and armour-reinforced panels.

Well, our approach is different… and we want you to know WHY.

Instead of making your cash collection a highly visible affair, our cash collection couriers drive regular vehicles and wear everyday clothing.

Our cash moving operations are quiet and discreet. Your customers won't see you moving cash in or out of your business. We like it that way and so do our customers.

Our philosophy is that the LAST THING you want to do is draw attention to the fact that you're moving money into or out of your business.

Our staff DO NOT stand out from the crowd. They deliberately aim to blend right in, and here's how: 1) they don't wear a uniform, 2) they don't carry a weapon, 3) they drive everyday vehicles. They look like any other shopper in your store.

The less the bad guys knows about your cash in transit, the better.

How's that sound?


Cash delivery: You can have us deliver any amount of cash in whatever denominations you need for your business operations. Tell us how much you need, where to deliver it and when. We take it from there, visiting your bank to collect the funds, securing the locked bank satchel till you need it and then delivering on time.

Cash counting: Our cash collection depots are equipped with cash sorting and cash processing machines that help make us an efficient cash counting service. It's ideal if you operate vending machines, parking meters, charity boxes, and similar.


Secure Cash was established way back in 1992 in Brisbane, so we've been doing this for a long time. In fact, our management team has a combined 150 years experience in the cash collection and cash delivery business.

Following our early success, we expanded operations and today our couriers are handling the cash collection requirements of organisations large and small right across Australia.

Secure Cash has become one of the biggest and most trusted cash logistics companies in Australia, serving all states and regions. With depots in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, Sydney, our staff are trained and equipped to deliver any volume of cash to the bank for businesses and organisations of any size in any industry.

Licensed: Our company, Secure Cash, is a government licensed security business that you can rely on to handle your banking needs in an professional and timely manner.

Accredited: Our security accreditation is provided by Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL), which is one of the country's largest and most respected cash in transit service industry bodies. When you choose us for your secure cash collection needs, you can be confident that your business is in reliable hands.

Insured: All our cash handling activities are covered by our Australia-wide cash-in-transit insurance policy. This protects you and your business from the moment we pick up your cash satchels until the time we deliver them to your bank.

Our secure website: When our couriers arrive at your premises, our custom designed online system makes it simple to confirm their identity. You can also monitor the status and movement of your cash.

You can also book your next cash collection appointment online (or by phoning us).

Staff training: We continue to rigorously screen and train our staff to ensure we maintain the highest standards and best security practices.

Business processes: Continual improvement is the name of the game here. We regularly review our service delivery procedures as well as our business processes, to find better ways of serving our clients and running our business.

Technologies: As our client list continues to grow and as the needs of our clients evolve, we upgrade our technologies.

Having operated Secure Cash for more than two decades now, we've become pretty good at our job. And that's great news for our clients. But better still… our service continues to be surprisingly affordable.

CALL US TODAY. Our number is 1300 364 569 and our friendly staff are ready to discuss your Newcastle cash collection needs and let you know how we can help. Call now!
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