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Cash Collection Services

Whether you run a small, medium-sized, or large business, if you deal with cash, you require a secure and economical means to move your money and have it safely deposited to the bank. With professional cash collection services such as we offer at Secure Cash, you are guaranteed a fast and secure way to get your money to the bank while maintaining the best possible cash flow. Secure Cash delivers optimum cash security as one of the most trusted cash in transit companies in Australia.

There are plenty of benefits to be had by availing of our cash collection service. Your business can get a boost in terms of operational productivity as we free up your staff to focus on more urgent tasks while we do your banking on your behalf. We offer protection and reduce risks for theft – both outside and inside your organisation. Your money is insured by a nationwide cash-in-transit insurance policy if you choose Secure Cash. All these benefits you can enjoy at a cost that will not exceed your budget.

We offer increased security on your cash processing with a level of service customised according to your organisation's specific needs. Every business is different, which is why we build a personalised service that we feel would be the most appropriate for every customer. Nobody else knows your requirements, of course, than you yourself and if you work with us, we also give you freedom to choose the frequency and the type of service that would work best for your business.

On top of our cash collection services, we are also a government-licensed and security-accredited provider of cash delivery and cash counting services. For all our cash security services, we deliver comprehensive audits and easy booking/cancelling through our website. Customers can easily keep track of their deposits – even verify the identification of our couriers – online. Our cash in transit service is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We also accept job orders on special holidays.

Since our company was established in 1992, Secure Cash has built and upheld its reputation as one of the biggest and most reliable cash in transit companies in Australia. With depots in Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, and Melbourne, we are more than adequately equipped to serve any organisation in any industry across the country. Every one of our cash in transit officers has undergone meticulous screening and testing for capability to perform their jobs to the fullest extent. Every staff member has been trained to work discreetly and reduce potential risk while your cash is in transit.

When you book our cash collection services, a designated cash-in-transit officer will work closely with you, making arrangements on intervals that work best for you, depending on the trend of your takings. Our customers are not tied to binding contracts so services are fine-tuned according to your specific needs. This also gives you the freedom to call on us only whenever you need us or try other services. For your maximum convenience, we can certainly increase or reduce the frequency of your collections and do spot changes in your requirements.
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