Merry Christmas 2020

December 22, 2020

Broken Red Christmas Bauble

This has been one of the most unpredictable years that we have all gone through.

I distinctly remember talking in the office earlier in the year and we were all debating if Covid was going to be an issue. Some offices nearby were closing down, and a lot of our clients were asking if there would be changes with collections. I was asked if I was going to write an article about it, and I clearly had to stop and think if I would or not. I wasn’t sure if this was a big enough event to write about.

Well, now I know better.

We did stay in our offices as long as possible, and until severe restrictions were put in place in Adelaide, we maintained our routines, supporting our couriers on the road for our clients.

Throughout the entire year, we were an essential service, looking after the banking collections for every other essential service that had to stay open. Our couriers had to adapt, in some cases to testing each time they changed suburbs, or replacing gloves with each attendance.

Like many other small businesses, we lost a lot of our business. So many of our clients suspended and held their collections until we all knew what was going on. We were extremely lucky to have bought new office space prior to Covid, and so we could do manual labour to help rebuild the building if we weren’t needed to support the couriers.

When I returned to SecureCash properly, I was pretty hesitant to go back onto Linkedin. I thought I would see devastating news everywhere. But I saw so much support for others.

Retail businesses still growing. People helping each other find work. It was a pleasure to get back to my networking (albeit in online only).

So this Christmas, our end of year get together meant so much more to all of us here at SecureCash. Our wonderful clients came back to us as soon as they could. And everyone that had ongoing collections through Covid understood when we had to restrict days as couriers lost hours, and days sometimes, of work.

We have already had our end of year celebration, and enjoyed a lovely dinner together with our families. But we will likely still have many more mini celebrations before the end of the year. We are all so grateful to have survived Covid, to still be employed (by wonderful people), to still have our fantastic clients with us. There is so much to be grateful for.

Christmas 2020 SecureCash Team & Families

I think we all know how lucky we were to find each other. We all appreciate what each other can do, we know how to push ourselves forward and we do expect the best from each other because we know we’re all committed to SecureCash.

I do realise how absolutely sappy this all sounds, but this is the Christmas to do it! Be sappy. Tell each other how important you are. So many people passed away this year and do not get to tell anyone how much they were loved. So many people were laid off or made redundant, and are not very happy at all this time of year.

Charities are going to have a hard time this Christmas. When they were already struggling to support the low and middle income earners that needed a hand, having such limited resources and access to fundraising throughout 2020, will mean a real stretch this year.

Thank you to all of our clients for your support and understanding throughout 2020. We truly appreciate your loyalty, your communication, and hope you have a fantastic holiday season.

Thank you to all of our couriers and partners that assisted with collections and deliveries. We are so glad you work with us to help our clients have their money safely transported.

Thank you to all the families that supported everyone who worked for or with SecureCash. We know how much you have to do with how well we work.

Thank you to everyone in our offices, no matter where we had to work from through 2020. The hard work that went into learning new tasks, adapting to new routines, or driving much further to get to a makeshift office was all noticed and appreciated.

Merry Christmas from SecureCash!

Santa On A Beach

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