Terminology of Cash in Transit

December 8, 2020

Terminology of Cash in Transit Infographic Snippet

Cash in transit is a broad term that has evolved through the years. But mainly, it is widely defined as the secure transport of business takings from one location to another.

When you’re new to the cash-in-transit industry, you’ll encounter jargons or unfamiliar terminologies that can be quite difficult to differentiate. It is important to understand these words to avoid confusion in the workplace. We’ll break down some common terms to help you understand what type of services best meet your requirements.

In the infographic below, you will know the definitions of the terms cash delivery, change order, cash-in-transit, covert, deposit box, docket book, guard, and tamper-evident bags—all frequent in the cash handling process. We hope this information could help you in your next cash-in-transit booking with SecureCash.

Terminology of Cash in Transit First Infographics Terminology of Cash in Transit Second Infographics

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