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Benefits to Having a Cash Pickup

If your business requires reliable cash collection services from an established cash-in-transit service provider, Secure Cash can certainly offer the best solutions to meet your unique needs.

Without the need for you to sign a cash-in-transit contract, your organisation, your staff, and your money can enjoy reduced risk from danger and inconveniences. With our years of experience managing cash pickups and our expertise in cash logistics, your operations will continue to go as smoothly as possible.

Get the Best Benefits from Secure Cash 

As one of the biggest and most trusted cash collection services in Australia, you can rest at ease that your money is in good hands with Secure Cash. Our management team has a combined experience of 150 years in the cash in transit industry.

Our expertise combined with highly competent security officers and the latest security equipment ensures convenience and complete transit security. Get to enjoy the benefits of transacting with us at Secure Cash. We offer great benefits including:

SecureCash Benefits

Other than efficient cash pickups, the scope of our cash in transit services also includes cash deliveries and cash collections. You can choose to avail any of our single or combined services to perfectly meet the specific needs of your organisation. Secure Cash can certainly work around a specified budget and service small to large businesses anywhere in Australia.

Cash Deliveries – Secure Cash can deliver a specified amount of cash broken down into different denominations as required. Our customers are given quite a few choices on the methods by which to fund a requested delivery.

Cash Counting – Save time and increase productivity with our much valued cash counting service. With the latest cash sorting and cash processing machines, we can forward you detailed reports on cash that was counted and collected usually from vending machines, parking meters, and similar sources.

In every cash security service request, we deploy couriers in plain clothes and unmarked vehicles for the safety of your money. All cash collected are put in tamper-evident satchels issued by your bank. You can verify the identities of our couriers – and even cancel an order easily through our website. Secure Cash will not make you sign any binding contract.

About Secure Cash

Secure Cash is a government-licensed and security-accredited cash security firm that offers practical cash logistics solutions to any organisation. We started out in 1992 and have since made a reputation as a most reliable cash-in-transit service provider in Australia. Call us to book collections at any time – 24 hours a day, seven days a week including holidays.

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