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Cash Logistics

Let Secure Cash take care of all your cash logistic problems anywhere in Australia. From Sydney to Perth we can organise cash logistics 24 hours 7 days for any size organisation.

Cash logistics is physically moving a huge amounts of cash from one location to another and often involves a lot of risk. It presents unique challenges as financial and physical cash logistics come into play. The key is the proper
cash logistics management and handling of the denominations at a strategic place and time, the efficient handling of cash inventory, and reduction of unnecessary movement at a minimum cost.

No one manages cash logistics better than Secure Cash. If you are seeking professional assistance with your cash logistics, we offer valuable services to help pick up,
count, deposit, and move your cash wherever you need them to be. Secure Cash provides all your cash logistics needs. Our cash logistics are available to any industry wherever you are in Australia. You can depend on us to provide secure cash logistics that suits your organisation’s budget.

We operate depots in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra and Sydney, making us one of the biggest and most trusted cash logistics firms in the country. We are licensed by the government and accredited by the Australian Security Industry Association.

If your organisation needs to transfer cash to another location, you would surely benefit from professional
cash logistics offered by Secure Cash. We have been moving cash for clients since 1992 and no other company is more qualified in the business.

Your convenience and peace of mind are our topmost priorities. All cash logistic services with Secure Cash, including booking and cancelling pickups and submitting cash orders may be carried out securely online. Through our company websites, our clients are also free to download copies of our cash in transit insurance and verify the ID of our banking couriers.

We provide cash logistics to clients including restaurants, retail outlets, DFO’s outlets, and schools. We employ qualified and experience cash logistic officers, trained to provide your cash logistic service safely and effectively avoid all the risks involved in the whole process. All you need to make is a small investment to ensure the secure movement of large amounts of cash.

Manage your cash logistics and financial obligations smoothly with our high standard of service. We take care of your cash logistics for both the short term and the long term. We do not impose binding contracts so you are free to cancel and re-book when it is most convenient.

As you try out other cash logistic services similar to ours, you will find out that we are as good as our word. Aside from premium
cash logistics, we offer flexible solutions for your unique and specific needs.

Secure Cash does not use armoured trucks, choosing to operate in a most discreet manner to avoid unwanted attention. We deploy plainclothesmen in unmarked vehicles to pick up and deliver your cash well away from prying eyes. All our cash logistic services are insured under our nationwide cash logistic insurance policy.

Our cash logistic services are available to you anytime you need them and when it is most convenient to you. You can book cash logistic services 24 hours a day, seven days a week – even during holidays.
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