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Cash Logistics Service

Cash logistic services in all metro areas are among the range of specialised services Secure Cash offers at the most competitive rates. Cash in transit is one of the core solutions we present to our clients, who come from all sectors and industries. We employ an organised and structured business model supported by dedicated people, secure transportation, and the latest technology. We deliver nothing less than high-level security services in Australia, making our company a leader in the cash in transit industry.

Our cash logistics services and reliable cash in transit companies are designed to protect your cash and your staff by eliminating risk and public exposure. If you allow us to manage your cash on your behalf, you can gain peace of mind knowing that your money is in good hands. Secure Cash offers three main services namely, cash collection services, cash delivery, and cash counting. We offer flexibility by allowing you to choose the appropriate solutions befitting your needs without having to enter any binding contract.

Operating nationwide, our couriers and staff have undergone strict screening and high-level training. They provide the highest level of expertise in providing security services and carrying out cash in transit jobs to our clients. Complying with reliable cash in transit companies, they perform all job orders honestly, efficiently, securely, and in a most timely manner.

Our couriers do not carry firearms, drive armoured trucks, nor wear uniforms – all of which are only bound to attract unwanted attention. They are trained to work with discretion and move cash in unmarked vehicles equipped with advanced security features. Their priority is to ensure that your cash reaches the intended destination safely and without incident.

Secure Cash has depots all across Australia and is fully capable of doing cash collections and cash security services, including cash logistics in most large cities. We perform cash in transit daily and are available to serve you round the clock, including special holidays. All cash we carry are contained in tamper-evident satchels issued by your bank and we provide transparent audits that will satisfy the most discerning clients. All our services may be booked or cancelled via our website. You can even verify the identification of our couriers online.

Your money is safe while in our hands, being covered by a nationwide insurance policy. With Secure Cash, you reduce exposure to the most unfortunate incidents including uninsured loss of cash during collections and deliveries. Established in 1992, we are a government licensed and security-accredited company. Our clients can expect nothing less than professional and reliable service from Secure Cash.

Whether you need us to manage your cash logistics or perform cash collections, delivery, or counting, you will be pleased to know that our services are very affordable. Secure Cash can work around your organisation's budget. We answer your call for help as soon as we can. Customers are free to use are services only when needed. For more information about our services, you can visit We offer free, no-obligation quotes if you are interested.

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