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Cash Runs

Secure Cash can do cash runs for your business with the assurance that the transition between your business and you bank goes smoothly and securely. We make sure that we offer a tailored cash-in-transit service that is ideal to your specific needs. We can deploy unmarked security vehicles anywhere in Australia – all designed to make sure that your money is secure as possible.

Our security vehicles are fitted with advanced security features to move your cash, which will be personally handled by our well-trained and rigorously screened cash couriers. If you choose, you can easily verify the identification of our cash escorts online.

Having your own personnel do your cash runs poses risks and dangers. We are here to eliminate those risks for you. With our years of expertise in the business, we are more than capable of handling your banking on your behalf and you can instead channel your manpower to the other important aspects of your business operations.

At Secure Cash, we aim for outstanding quality and highly competitive cash in transit service. While we have been offering security services in Australia since 1992, we have never failed to upgrade our services and fine-tune our processes to meet the changing and growing needs of our clients. We put great value on your trust and thus, take every step necessary to gain your confidence in the quality of service we deliver. Our services are customised according to the specific needs of your organisation and we make sure to always work to your convenience.

We do not require you to sign any binding contract. You are free to use our services as your organisation and budget require, or try other services and see for yourself what sets us apart from other outfits offering the same services. Feel free to call for our assistance round the clock as we are open for business 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and even on holidays.

Cash in Transit Services Australia
Our cash security services branches out into three main divisions: cash collection, cash delivery, and cash counting. All are performed by well-trained and highly competitive cash couriers.

If you need our expertise on cash collection, our cash escorts can arrive at your premises at a pre-arranged time as frequently as you need us to transport any amount of cash. We will take it to your bank on your behalf, in tamper-evident satchels from your bank.
Our cash delivery service is quite simple and straightforward.

Simply submit an order for specific denominations on any amount and choose from four different methods available on how you can fund your cash delivery. You no longer need to do emergency cash runs to the bank as we can re-stock your tills and floats by providing you with the coinage and cash you need. You can arrange to have a cash delivery done whenever we drop by for cash collections for improved efficiency.

Last but not least, we can count your daily takings before we deposit the total amount to your bank. This solution is most convenient for businesses that operate vending machines, poker machines, and so on.
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