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Security Cash Services

From cash collection to cash counting, Secure Cash has been providing security services in Australia since 1992, reducing the risk associated with cash handling and transportation for business organisations. Two decades later, we are recognised as one of the most trusted cash security providers in the country. Our customers choose us for many good reasons: our services are affordable, we are experts on the job, and we perform every job order efficiently and a hundred percent securely.

We are a name you can trust when it comes to cash management. Secure Cash is a government licensed and security accredited business that was established in 1992. Your money is covered by a nationwide insurance policy from the moment of pickup to delivery. Our knowledge and expertise is leveraged by advanced security technology that we apply on our vehicles and depots all across Australia.

Our security services are available to businesses of any size nationwide. We handle small to big accounts and transport cash in various sums. We even handle coin denominations and cheques. Supporting our range of services is our strategic network of operational depots to ensure high-quality service. And while we have proven our reliability time and again, we constantly assess our services and take necessary steps to maintain our exacting standards and consistently meet our customers' changing needs.

Cash Collection
We pick up cash and cheques from locations all across Australia, employing plainclothesmen and unmarked vehicles with advanced security features, and deposit the amount to your bank on your behalf. We operate discreetly as a means of avoiding unwanted attention, reducing cash-handling related risks. Our couriers do not carry firearms. You can use our cash collection services as often as needed and according to your organisation's budget.

Cash Delivery
We deliver cash in denominations you specify exactly when you need it. The process is pretty straightforward with a few options on funding your cash delivery order. Secure Cash brings flexible and customised solution to every customer.

Cash Counting
For businesses that deal heavily on coin denominations such as vending machines, parking meters, donations, and so on, our cash counting service is especially handy. We do the collections for you, take the money to our nearest depot and with the help of state of the art cash counting equipment, sort and organise your money for you. We draw up comprehensive reports that include breakdowns on each denomination and grand totals.

Our security services come with several tangible benefits to your overall business operations. For one, we manage risk better if we work together hand in hand. Also, allowing cash in transit professionals like Secure Cash to manage your banking for you allows you to focus on other important aspects of managing your business such as customer service. You also get to save costs from buying your own cash counting equipment and armoured trucks. Last but not least, you get peace of mind knowing that your cash is covered by insurance while it is in our hands.
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