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Security Companies in Melbourne

Do you need assistance in managing cash logistics and moving your cash around? Secure Cash is one of the biggest and most trusted security companies in Melbourne that can provide professional cash in transit services to businesses and organisations in any industry. We have been doing cash collection and banking pickups since 1992. Whenever you need assistance moving huge amounts of cash, we make sure your money reaches its destination safely and in a timely manner.

Ours is a high level of customer service and we have consistently proven to be a leader among other security companies in Australia. We will arrive at your premises, pick up you money, and take it to the bank on your behalf.

We operate discretely, employing plainclothesmen and unmarked vehicles to transport your cash. We ward off any risk of robbery or thievery by not getting the attention of the public whenever you are transacting with us. Our vehicles however, though unmarked, are equipped with the most advanced security features offered by modern technology.

Secure Cash offers three major services: cash collection services, cash delivery, and cash counting. Cash collection involves our couriers picking up your money and taking it to the bank. Cash delivery is whereby you call on us to deliver an amount of cash broken down into different denominations you require.

Last but not least, our cash counting service is a convenient solution if you are having us pick up money from vending machines, parking meters, charity boxes, and similar sources. Our depots are equipped with cash sorting and cash processing machines that help us become a very efficient cash counting service.

All our services may be booked online through our website. Our cash in transit services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and we even work on holidays. We are available at any time you might need our assistance and we will never ask you to sign any binding contract when you enter business with us. You are free to use our cash in transit services however you please. You are free to cancel anytime you feel we are not suitable for your organisation.

Secure Cash is a one of the biggest and most reliable cash in transit companies in Melbourne. We are very well on our way towards becoming the largest cash in transit provider in Victoria. We service organisations of any size, regardless of what industry you are in. Aside from Melbourne, we also have depots in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, and Perth.

If you entrust us with your cash, you gain peace of mind because we are covered by a nationwide cash-in-transit insurance policy.

You can absolutely trust Secure Cash with your cash collections and deliveries. We are a government licensed security services company with accreditation from the Australian Security Industry Association Limited. Our management team has over 150 years' of combined experience in the cash-in-transit business in Australia. All our services may be booked, cancelled, and verified online through our corporate You may also visit the website for more information.
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