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Cash in Transit Security

Businesses are likely targets for robberies and theft. In order to minimise opportunities for criminal activity, especially if there are large amounts of cash involved, safe business practices and effective security measures should be in place.

This is what we at Secure Cash are here for. We provide cash security by holding a comprehensive cash-in-transit risk assessment involved in cash collections and transporting your money safely to a nominated destination.

The safety of your business and your employees, as well as your peace of mind, is paramount to the level of transit security that our company provides.

With extensive experience and advanced technology, Secure Cash provides you the logistical support you need and effectively does your banking on your behalf. We keep your business safe with our well-trained couriers and cash in transit vehicles fitted with modern security features. Our cash in transit services are available to you wherever you are in the country. We service businesses and organisations from any industry.

Custom Cash Security Solutions
Our cash in transit services are individually tailored to suit the specific needs of our clients. Our services include cash collections, cash delivery, and cash counting. We move any amount of money and we are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week – including Christmas and special holidays. We do not require you to sign binding contracts with us, allowing you to call on us only whenever you need our assistance.

Secure Cash may also be hired to do cash pickups on a regular basis. We offer transit security that is covered by a nationwide insurance policy. Your money is safe as long as it is in our hands.

Discretion is a major part of our operations. We do not use armoured vehicles and our couriers do not wear uniforms. We reduce the risks of theft and robbery by blending in with the crowd.

Our cash escorts wearing plain clothes will arrive in your premises unnoticed and carry your cash in unmarked vehicles with advanced security features. By keeping a low profile, we do not advertise that you have cash on site. We are able to perform your banking more efficiently and risk-free.

Licensed and Insured Cash in Transit Security
Secure Cash is licensed by the Australian government and accredited by the Australian Security Industry Association. We have established our reputation for safety, security, and quality cash in transit services since 1992. Backed with a comprehensive protection that covers loss wherever we do business, our nationwide insurance policy is one of the best in the cash in transit industry.

With our expertise in cash in transit security, we can deliver significant benefits to your business including lowered risk exposure and absolute peace of mind. You can focus on important aspects of running your business and leave your banking to our highly trained and reliable cash escorts. Secure Cash also offers affordable rates on its services. We work around your organisation's budget to provide you the best possible cash security service we can offer.
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