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Security Services Company

Secure Cash is here to make banking a breeze for you. As one of Australia's most trusted security companies we take pride in our operations and will bring professionalism and expertise to your place of work. We are a family-owned security services company that has been operating for more than two decades. We offer three types of cash in transit services namely: cash collection, cash delivery, and cash counting services.

We do not impose on our clients to sign binding contracts, which makes you are free to choose which service best suits your needs and decide when or how often you want to use it.

Cash in Transit Services
By definition, "cash in transit" is an industry term for picking up your daily collections and depositing the amount in the bank on your behalf. We are licensed by the government and accredited by the Australian Security Industry Association as one of the biggest and most trusted cash in transit companies in the country. We have depots in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, and Melbourne. We serve small to large businesses and organisations located anywhere in Australia.

Many security companies similar to ours make use of armoured vehicles to move around cash. While cars have advanced security features, they are unmarked and driven by plainclothesmen so as not to attract unnecessary attention. Our couriers will arrive and leave your premises at your specified time unnoticed by your customers and prying eyes. Discretion is our specialty because we believe the best way to ward off thievery is to keep a low profile.

We pick up your banknotes, coins, and even checks in tamper-evident satchels issued by your bank. You can rest at ease that your money will reach your nominated bank untouched. If you decide to avail of our cash counting service, the cash will be taken to our nearest depot where it will be counted, sorted, and verified. Secure Cash will then proceed to transferring the total amount electronically or depositing it to your bank. You will find our cash counting service most convenient, especially if you are having us pick up money from vending machines, parking meters, charity boxes, and similar collections.

Secure Cash also offers cash delivery services, wherein we provide a specified amount of cash broken down into various denominations according to your specifications. It is important to us that you find the best solution to your unique cash in transit situation. We allow you various ways to provide funds for the cash delivery service for you to choose the most convenient at any time. We are open for business 24 hours a day and seven days a week, including holidays.

Like most security companies, our cash escorts are covered by a nationwide insurance. You do not need to sign binding contracts and are free to choose our services according to your needs. Booking our cash in transit services can be done simply by visiting our company website and completing an order form. If you would like to know more about our fees, we offer free no-obligation quotes through our website.
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