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Security Officers

No matter which industry your organisation or business belongs to – if you deal in cash payments, you need a secure and economical way of getting your collections to the bank while at the same time maintaining an effective and sustainable cash flow.

The team at Secure Cash are all highly experienced security officers who can deliver these benefits to you through their services. By choosing Secure Cash to handle all your money needs you can:

- The elimination of having members of your staff making trips to the bank
- Freeing up staff to be more productive in performing tasks related to your operations
- Prevention of robbery and high street attacks on your staff
- The overall reduction of risks to your staff members and civilians
- Increased security and minimising opportunities for theft
- A tailor-made service that works around you allotted budget.

Affordable Cash in Transit Services
We will deploy reliable security officers to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of cash for all business types and sizes. Secure Cash offers cash collection, cash delivery, and cash counting services designed especially to meet your requirements. From the moment we collect your cash to the safe delivery of the funds to your bank, our company takes full liability for the safety of your money. Our couriers are covered by a nationwide cash-in-transit insurance policy for your peace of mind.

At Secure Cash, we understand that every organisation is different. This is why we make it our goal to work with every client on a more personal level in order to meet your unique needs – whether you manage a small business or run an organisation with branches across Australia.

We are fully capable of servicing organisations of any size with depots in Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. When you choose us, our security officers will closely work with you in every transaction.

Secure Cash is ready to render cash security services covering:

- Cash collection that is simple to use and is guaranteed secure
- Cash delivery that will arrived as scheduled and arranged
- Cash counting that is reliable, practical, and very convenient

You can rely on us to come to your aid at any time you need it. We are ready to serve round the clock – including weekends and special holidays. It is also up to you to change your requirements such as reducing or increasing the frequency of collections and deliveries. Secure Cash does not impose binding contracts, allowing you to try out other cash in transit services.

You are free to book, verify, or cancel our services anytime you please. You only pay for services that you have availed and be able to effectively limit your spending for cash in transit services according to your budget and needs.

Cash in Transit Security
Secure Cash guarantees maximum cash in transit security as you would expect from Australia's top security officers. Our couriers perform your transactions discretely – in plainclothes and unmarked vehicles to avoid prying eyes. You can trust them to take all the measures necessary and use the latest equipment and technology to keep your cash safe as long as it is in our hands.
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