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Cash in Transit Couriers

From bank deposits to cash counting, Secure Cash provides banking solutions tailored to meet your business needs. We offer insurance on our cash in transit couriers nationwide. We guarantee complete confidence and security in every transaction. We have been providing cash security services in Australia since 1992. Our job is to protect your business from risks involved in moving huge amounts of cash and contributing to the efficiency of your business.

We service companies and organisations from every industry. Our customers use and recommend our services for we value good ethical practices at all times. Our cash in transit couriers, trained and screened to meet our security standards, operate discretely and in the most professional manner. We make it easy for you to book our cash in transit courier services online. We do not impose binding contracts, leaving you free to try our services as you please and call on us whenever you need us to do your banking.

Security through Discretion
We provide unsurpassed security with the use of modern technology but our greatest weapon is our ability to blend in with the crowd. Our cash in transit couriers are dressed in plain clothes and they transport your cash in unmarked vehicles – not armoured vans that only advertise that you have cash on site. When making cash collections, our cash in transit couriers will arrive at your premises discretely and meet with a member of your staff away from public eye. We further minimise risks with a nationwide insurance policy, which you may view and download a copy of from our website at any time.

Nationwide Coverage
We offer our cash in transit couriers in all Australian states, managing depots in Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Brisbane as well. As a government-licensed and security-accredited security services company, we transport millions in dollars of cash and valuables everyday and we can move your cash up to long distances anywhere in Australia. Our in transit insurance covers cash collections, cash deliveries, and cash counting; with Secure Cash, you can rest at ease knowing that your money is safe and in good hands.

Secure Cash – Tangible Benefits
Help from professional cash in transit courier services like Secure Cash lowers risks involved in handling large amounts of cash. With our incognito vehicles and couriers, your money does not draw unnecessary attention and limits your exposure to both internal and external theft. Also, with professionals handling your banking for you, you and your staff are free to deal with more important business matters and avoid your employees from feeling stressed or stretched too thin.

Aside from increased productivity and reduced exposure to risks, Secure Cash offer an affordable cash in transit courier services that fits your company's budget. We do not ask you to sign binding contracts, allowing you to book or cancel our services only when you need to. You can call on us at anytime as we operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week – including holidays. If you need us for any cash in transit courier services, then just book our services through our website, where you may also request for a free no-obligation quote.
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