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Cash Security Services

Many business managers are now relying on Cash Security Service firms such as Secure Cash to deal with their cash in transit needs. Moving huge amounts of cash and coin poses risks to your employees and to your business, which is why it helps to have professionals provide you with cash in transit security. Secure Cash offer three types of cash security services: cash collections, cash delivery, and cash counting, all of which are covered by a comprehensive insurance policy nationwide.

Cash Security Services
Our cash security business involves the pickup of cash, coins, or checks, sometimes valuables, and taking them to a nominated bank or destination. It becomes essential to get professional from people who can ensure safety in transit when there is a need to move cash and valuables to other premises. Cash carriers usually make use of armoured trucks or vans to move cash or valuables from one place to another. Cash security services are most commonly used by banks but companies such as Secure Cash services any business and organisation in any industry.

Cash Security with Secure Cash
Secure Cash does not use armoured vehicles but we use unmarked vehicles equipped with the latest monitoring and anti-theft security features to transport money. We believe that armoured vehicles in your premises will only advertise that you have money on site. Discretion and absolute confidentiality make up our approach as one of Australia's premier cash in transit companies. Most crews deploy uniformed guards to transport cash. Our guards are by no means less competent and are all in fact screened and trained to satisfy our own standards.

Our cash couriers will arrive at your premises in plain clothes so as not to attract unnecessary public attention and meet up with a member of your staff away from the general public. By blending in with the crowd, our cash couriers are able to transport your cash in a more efficient and secure manner. Also, with our help, your own staff members would be spared the task and reduce exposure to internal theft. They could instead focus more on running your business and be more productive.

Having us do your banking rids you of all the worries involved in transporting and depositing your daily takings to your bank account. We are open to serve at any time and any day, including weekends and holidays. We can do cash collection as often as you like and we do not require you to sign a binding contract. You are free to try our other services as you please and we can sit down and come up with a custom solution to fit your needs. With Secure Cash, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

As an all Australian cash security services provider, we offer – cash collection, cash delivery, and cash counting. We make the process very simple and straightforward. You may also cancel bookings, verify the IDs of our couriers, and download copies of our cash in transit security insurance policy via our website.

We also provide free no-obligation quotes upon request.
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