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Cash in Transit in Adelaide

Do you need cash in transit services in Adelaide? Secure Cash is a private cash security specialist firm, with branches all over Australia. Including Adelaide! 

We can collect your money and bank it for you, providing you with the deposit documentation. Our service is available 7 days a week, all across Australia and we can serve your needs at any time of the day or night. 

Whether you need cash collection, cash counting, or cash delivery, Secure Cash can get the job done. With no fuss. We can collect your takings and then deposit them at your bank. We also offer a full suite of secure cash handling services because ensuring the cash security of our clients is our number one priority.

Our Adelaide Cash In Transit Services

What cash in transit service does your business need? As a highly respected cash logistics company, Secure Cash can serve your specific needs. We provide:

Cash collection: One of our most popular services! Our plain clothes staff (driving one of our unmarked vehicles) will call on your premises at whatever time your request. We will collect your takings (including cheques), drive them to your bank and deposit them in your nominated account or accounts. At a later time, we will deliver the bank deposit records to your office. We call this our "Banking Courier Service".

Cash counting: Would you like help counting the takings? Ask for our "Cash Counting Service". We will collect your takings, count them and drive to your bank to make the deposit. You'll get the expected bank deposit records next time we call. 

Cash delivery: Getting cash delivered to your company in Adelaide is as easy as requesting our "Change Order Service". We will contact the bank and order the funds you need to meet your trading requirements, in whatever denominations you specify. Then just before you need it, we will collect your cash order from the bank and deliver it to your address at the agreed time. 

Answers To Questions We've Been Asked

How much notice?

If I want a cash order (where you deliver cash to my location), how long in advance do I need to give you the booking?

We need 2 business days notice so the bank can arrange to order the cash in. 


What happens if the cash you deliver is less than we ordered?

We only deliver cash that is sealed in tamper-evident satchels. We collect it from your bank in those sealed satchels. This protects you because any shortfall can easily be traced back to the issuing bank. You would contact them and they will reimburse you accordingly. 


Can you supply references from previous customers?

Certainly. We would be very happy to supply references from other customers who use our service. A comprehensive list of references is available on the testimonials page of this website. 

Proof of banking? 

How do I get my banking paperwork such as receipts etc as proof of the deposits?

We can collect these from the bank and deliver them during our next collection and there is no extra charge for this. 

GIVE US A CALL. We look forward to discussing exactly how we can help you with your cash in transit Adelaide needs. Our number is 1300 SECURE.

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