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Cash in Transit in Perth

Am I right? You've been searching for "cash in transit Perth" and now you've arrived here. Welcome. Your search has been successful because this page contains the information you need to organise cash in transit services in Perth.

All across Australia, when businesses need a reliable cash in transit service, they turn to Secure Cash. That's because we specialise in cash collection and a range of associated services.

At any time of the day or night, on any day of the week, we can collect your cash takings and deposit them with your bank and render back to you the documentary proof.

Whether it's cash collection you need, or cash counting, or cash delivery, Secure Cash has got you covered.


What cash security services do you want today? As one of the largest and most respected cash security firms in Australia, Secure Cash can serve your every need. We can help with:

Cash collection: This is where we collect cash (and cheques) from your premises. You set the pickup time then our fully trained staff will visit your business to collect your takings, then drive them to your bank and deposit them for you. On our next visit to your premises, we will hand over the bank's deposit records. Our "Banking Courier Service" is available on the weekends and public holidays, as well as throughout the business week, because our top priority is the cash security of our valued clients.

Cash counting: This is where we count your takings. If you want help with counting the day's takings, our cash counting service will get the job done for you. We will collect your cash and then count it and then deposit it at whichever bank your business uses.

Cash delivery: This is where we deliver cash to your premises. Do you need cash (bank notes and/or coinage) delivered to your business during the day to meet your trading needs? Our cash delivery service can do that for you. When you request our "Change Order Service", we will go to the bank and collect the amount of change you specify, in whatever denominations you need, and then deliver it to you at the time you say.


Multiple floats?
If we needed several different change floats, could you help?
Yes, certainly. Just let us know how much you want in each float and the breakdown details for each float (how much in notes, how much in coins, and any specific denominations).

If you don't use the Internet
No problem. We understand that some businesses do not have internet access. You can definitely use our service without relying on the internet. Just give us a phone call on 1300 364 569 and our operators will place the order on your behalf.

Foreign coins?
How do you handle it if foreign coins are mixed in with the Australian currency we give you to count?
No problem. Our counting machines will separate foreign coinage and we can either donate it to charity for you, or give it back to you during our next collection.

Delivery times?
When can you deliver cash to our business?
Anytime. We can drop off your cash order anytime. Normally that will be during business hours so that shops can top-up their tills and floats during the day. However we can also deliver cash at any time of the day or night for a special event or fundraiser etc.

CALL US TODAY. Our number is 1300 364 569 and we look forward to knowing how we can help with your Perth cash in transit needs.
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