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Cash in Transit in Canberra

If you have been searching the internet for "cash in transit Canberra", this page contains an important message for you from Secure Cash. We are one of the largest and most respected cash logistics companies in Australia, and our full range of services are available in Canberra. 

So what cash in transit services do you need?

Whether it's cash collection, cash counting, or cash delivery, you will find that Secure Cash is reliable and affordable. We've been serving this market for years and we know what we're doing. 

In case you were wondering…

we do not use armoured vehicles or uniformed staff. Our policy is for our couriers to blend into the community which is why they do not wear uniforms, they do not carry firearms, and they drive regular unmarked vehicles. We do this expressly to avoid drawing attention to the money-handling activities of our clients. 

Our Canberra Cash In Transit Services

Cash collection: Our plain clothes couriers will collect your takings at the time you request, then drive to your bank and deposit them in your account. We can deliver the bank deposit paperwork back to your office on our next scheduled call. This cash collection service is available 24/7, every day of the week, including weekends and public holidays, because our number one priority is ensuring the cash security of our clients. We collect currency, cheques and coins.

Cash delivery: If you need cash delivered to your store to top up the till during trading hours, we have a cash delivery service. There are no minimums or maximums so order whatever amount of small change you need to meet your trading needs… bank notes and/or coins. We'll pick it up from your bank in whatever denominations you specify, and deliver it at the scheduled time. 

Cash counting: If your staff is too busy to count the takings, you can call on our cash counting service. We collect your cash takings, we count it and then we deposit it at your bank. 

Answers To Questions We've Been Asked

Cash limits? 

Any limit on how much cash I can get delivered at any one time?

Nope. We can deliver as much cash as you like. There are no limits imposed from our end. 

Which banks?

What financial institutions allow me to use your services? 

As an independently owned business, Secure Cash is not affiliated with any bank, and you can use our services wherever you bank. 

Counting limits?

How much money can you count?

As much as you like. There is no limit.

Signing at pickup time?

Will you sign for my banking?

Yes. Here's how that works. We will supply you with a cash in transit register, which will be signed by our banking couriers. It records all the necessary details of the cash we collected, such as satchel serial numbers, etc.

GIVE US A CALL. Our staff are standing by, ready to answer all your questions about your Canberra cash in transit needs. Our number is 1300 SECURE. Why delay? Reach out to us now! 

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