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Cash in Transit in Melbourne

Let me guess. You've been searching the worldwide web for: cash in transit Melbourne. Yes? Then a warm welcome because you've now found what you were looking for. Our company, Secure Cash, specialises in ALL ASPECTS of cash in transit. Including cash collection, cash counting and cash delivery, and more.

In Melbourne and from coast to coast across Australia, our teams are collecting the cash takings of our clients and banking them. We're also providing cash injections to businesses that need to top up their small change during the day's trading.

Whatever you need in the way of cash logistics, Secure Cash has got you covered. By way of introduction, here's what we can do for you:


Cash collection: Tell us when to call and our people will visit your premises at that time to pick up your takings and drive them to your bank. There we will deposit your funds (including cheques) into your account and provide you with the bank deposit paperwork on our next call. Our banking courier service is available every day of the week. And at night. And at weekends. And during public holidays. Because we understand that today many businesses operate outside of the regular "9-5 Mon-Fri" model of yesteryear.

Cash delivery: If you need a top-up of small change during the day, we can make sure it happens. To get cash delivered to your organisation, just order our cash delivery service. Tell us how much you need including what denominations of bank notes and/or coins, and our driver will deliver what you want, when you want it. It's as simple as that.

Cash counting: Need help counting your takings? Our experienced cash counting service can take that job off your hands. We will collect your cash and count it before depositing it into your bank account.


Proof of banking?
How will I know that my funds were deposited at the bank?
At your bank, our banking couriers will obtain a bank stamp and the signature of the receiving teller. The stamp and signature are your confirmation that the bank accepted the funds and deposited them into your account. These confirmations are available on request. Exact procedures are, of course, whatever your bank has established.

Tell me more about your contract. How long are we locked in for?
Good news. We do not ask you to sign a lengthy contract that locks you in. But we would ask you to do one thing if you're not happy with our service - and that is to tell us about any problem that has arisen so we can get it fixed for you. If there's one thing we don't want, it's unhappy customers.

Is my money insured when it's under your control?
Yes. While it's with one of our banking couriers, your funds are insured against theft. That insurance cover starts from the time the funds leave your premises and it extends to the time they reach the bank. Your funds are insured under our cash in transit insurance trust.

What denominations?
When it comes to ordering cash to be delivered to my shop, can I specify the amount I need of each bank note? So many $10 notes, so many $20 notes, etc? And the same for coins?
Yes. You can order whatever amount you need, in whatever denominations you need it in.

GIVE US A RING. Our phone staff are standing by, ready to answer any further questions you have about your Melbourne cash in transit needs. The number is 1300 364 569. Call us now!
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