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Cash in Transit in Newcastle

If you are searching for "cash in transit Newcastle", this page contains an important message for you.

Whether you are looking for cash collection, cash counting, or cash delivery, our company can meet the cash security needs of your business. We have a growing database of satisfied customers all across Australia. Please continue reading to discover why they trust us with their cash logistics needs.

Secure Cash specialises in cash collection (picking up your money and banking it) and we are available to assist you at any time of the day or night, seven days a week.


What cash in transit service does your business need? As one of the largest and most respected cash logistics firms in Australia, Secure Cash can serve your specific cash security needs. We now provide:

Cash counting: Instead of your staff having to count the takings, we can provide a cash counting service. We will collect your cash, count it then deliver it to your bank anywhere in Newcastle.

Cash collection: This is our most popular service. At an agreed time, our crew will visit your premises to pick up your takings (bank notes, coins and cheques). They will then drive to your bank in one of our unmarked vehicles and deposit your funds into your account. This is our "Banking Courier Service" and you can book it for any hour of any day. That includes weekends and public holidays and night times.

Cash delivery: Does your trading pattern mean you need extra cash to be delivered to your firm during business hours? That's where our cash delivery service can serve you. Some of our clients require an injection of bank notes or metal currency to meet their trading needs during the day - or even at night. So we pick up the needed amount of change, in whatever denominations you specify, and deliver it to your location at the time it's needed. Available on the weekends too.


Do Secure Cash staff wear uniforms?
No, they don't. Our staff wear plain clothes so they blend in with the community. We choose not to draw public attention to the fact that you are using a cash in transit company. That's why our vehicles are not marked either. They're regular cars and vans like you see on the roads every day. Our cars and no-uniforms policy is subject to state legislation where applicable.

Ordering change?
Can you supply change for tills and floats?
We sure can, in conjunction with a cash collection service. You can order the change you need (coins and notes) by using a secure login area on this website, or you an give us a call on 1300 364 569. We're happy to help!

How often?
How frequently can I have your cash collection service call on my business?
As often as you like. You choose the days of the week you'd like a cash collection from your premises. It can be every day or once a week, or twice a week, or whatever you need, including ad hoc once-in-a-while bookings.

Do you have a minimum amount of cash before you'll accept our job?
No, you can bank as little as you like. There are no minimums.

PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL US. Our staff are standing by, ready to help and give you detailed answers to any remaining questions about your Newcastle cash in transit needs. Our number is 1300 364 569. Why delay? Reach out to us now!
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